My Life Of Random Thoughts (to myself)…Where Did My Summer Go? My Testimony


Random thoughts to myself … Who Am I really

 my photos posted On Google+ …they tell my story…who I am …i think

I’m new to blogging and am just putting few thoughts down…

Not sure where I want to go with this blog writing, but I find easiest to post photos and caption as i go…

I’ll post from time to time…

I have few friends and many acquaintances while some aquaintances will move to becoming closer friends in time…some i can tell right off are or will be good friends..

Have a wonderful person in my life now…she’s a God send along with her grand kids….after being alone/single 13 years i really enjoy the change…blending in my retirement lifestyle and bike riding also…

My days are filled up…after the rise and shine each morning…my usual day begins with taking Bev’s grandson to the sitter or to school few days each week…Then off to get Bev’s DAILY breakfast (Chic Fil A drinks and Burger King egg and cheese quaisant) then drop off the bkfst to her at work…then i would usually do my daily bike ride…but since Jun i’ve been doing pool deck and pavilion project…i had built up to riding about 35+ miles a day on C&O dirt trail on a nice slow pace 6 to 7 mph sometimes 10 to 13 mph……but I’ve been not riding every day because of trying to finish the deck/pavilion. ..then i will be glad to get back to daily or almost every day trips…but i can’t wait to ride the entire C&O and GAP trail in mid-September…i would love to have Bev ride with me…but she works and she doesn’t do tent camping…but maybe just for Bev we could do motels / bed breakfasts for a week…it is my dream to to take few months and travel maybe with truck/camper and act as a base camp to do regional rides around the country…will see eventually. ..Colorado Rockies. ..Wyoming…Taton Mtns…etc…watch Threewheeljourney videos….Dave has over 60 utube videos of his US perimeter rides…they are awesome and inspiring..

also watching Chris Rishworth videos … 

I am a Christian and try to live up to what God expects…but being  Christian is not a religion…it’s not about a set of rules to keep …no one could or can keep every commandment …the rules show our weakness and the need for us to look to Jesus for strength…Forgiveness…his Grace and Mercy and Love…goes way beyond but starts by having a relationship in prayer, thoughts, actions with Jesus Christ …spending time with family/loved ones…building relationships with others…enjoying and appreciating the blessings/opportunities He has opened up…God thru Jesus is a close friend…the center of my life …reading his Word, singing praises with my guitar in evenings and some in daytimes…it’s about showing Love to and with others learning about God’s Love, His Mercy, Grace, and Glory…His blessings in many ways…not being perfect  because I have messed so much yet God keeps picking me back up. chance after chance….

Where did the summer go…my son Justin got married and put up a house across from me…beautiful wedding..beautiful bride…  my daughter Bekah no longer speaks – not sure why …i reach out but she is no longer there…time is so short and not getting any younger…so i live my life… painted 12ft rowboat that my siblings and I had when was a young child…and floated Potomac River with brother Dave… managed to put up the pool and deck and build a pavilion. ..trip to Tennessee…trip to Inner Harbor Baltimore… a few day trips to C&O trail with Bev…i try to spend as much time as i can with Bev and grandkids…so stopped working on projects a few days to spend time with Bev and her grandkids. time to do the usual grass mowing and other household chores. .etc…

Tuesday Aug 26th:


Been pretty busy this whole summer…beginning of June 2014 spent a week putting the above ground pool back up…it needed a new liner last year and areas beneath pool floor had sank needing filled and compacted…so i took the pool and deck down last fall (used some lumber to improve my wood cellar. ..pool not got much use past couple years because my kids Justin and Bekah are grown in twenties and have life of their own now…but since  i met Bev decided her grand kids (and we) can get enjoyment out of it if put it back up (plus not want old deck wood go to waste)…so began what I thought would be just a couple weeks ( then back to living the retired life…riding bicycle almost everyday…more about riding later) but cycling was on hold til pool and deck was done…it’s now 3 months later …where did the summer go?…lol. 

While rebuilding the deck ( re digging post holes, setting posts, setting 2×10 beams and joists…etc) was able to reuse (re-purpose) about all of the old deck wood joists and deck boards. …saving I think about 2-3 thousand dollars. ..also rebuilt the pavilion …had a pergola up with just 4×4 posts last few years but took down with the old deck was too flimsy with 4×4 posts. rebuilt a better roofed pavilion which I am about done with roof…probably my best deck and pavilion I’ve built..

But the hip roof was a bit challenging…i knew it would take a while cutting all the rafters with the various angles. ..some days I could only get 4 rafters cut and installed with up and down ladders half dozen times per rafter custom fitting …not an easy job with my aching joints from arthritis …so working a bit slower and taking water break inside every hour or so …i soaked shirt about each

So tomorrow I’ll finish the rafters (…lol…finally after about 2 weeks on the roof)…then put fascia boards in and then roof sheathing…then shingles. ..i hope I’m done by this weekend with roof…and shingles next week…then onto putting rails/sides on deck…

Then FINALLY I’ll get back to bicycle riding…and my regional trip of C&O trail / GAP and Shenandoah Skyline Parkway..

I like to relax after working on projects…play acoustic guitar…watch bicycle utube videos…i can watch threewheeljourney videos like reruns…his trips around US are interesting…his videos actually got me inspired to start riding bicycle…build up my equipment to ride…etc……

I enjoy other riders experiences, viewing their photos and videos. ..and following their blogs…they inspire me to try and start my own…can an old dog learn something new…lol?

 August 27th. ..

This is a running around bill paying  erand day. ..then lunch with Justin…then finish 6 more rafters on pavilion project. ..

August 28th Thursday:

Did the usual morning routine then met my mom at The senior center to carry her 4 cases of ensure out…seniors gets a reduced rate thru the senior center…plus helped pick up my dad’s meals. ..

Then ran into and ate breakfast with my brother Chris at chic fil a…then went home to change and work fitting and cutting out the other 3 hip jack rafters…and screwed the south end common rafters. glad the rafters are done…then went around and squared up/plumbed/cut the ends of the few rafters extended over the beams…tomorrow I’ll work on making a fascia board and secure eve overhang rafters…




One thought on “My Life Of Random Thoughts (to myself)…Where Did My Summer Go? My Testimony”

  1. Nice to get to know a bit more about you, great blog. I find this a much better way of writing thoughts, than putting it all on Facebook for others to just moan about or criticize, I find I can write in a lot more detail although not too much as only get limited free space I think, but think it is a better way to share thoughts and get to know someone a little better.


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